Water Damage Restoration
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ServiceMASTER is There to Clean Up After Water Damage

ServiceMASTER by Zupancic has years of experience in returning homes and businesses back to normal after a disaster or emergency situation. We strive to help families and business owners make the best choices for water damage restoration services. Call today at (724) 745-4980 or (412) 833-8111 to schedule an appointment for restoration.

Water Damage Restoration Process

Identifying the scope of the damage involves a thorough examination. This uses specialized moisture-detection meters, probes and sensors to determine the extent of the damage, which enables us to form the most effective plan for returning your property to normal as quickly as possible. Our inspection then includes identifying possible hoses or other parts that may have been the cause, tagging these for the insurance company providing photo documentation.


Wet insulation, framing and stored contents may need treating or protection.


Basements need inspection to plan proper drying procedures for possible water seepage.


We will inspect ductwork for water intrusion throughout affected areas, including floor vents.


Water may seep into crawl spaces, and if left unattended, may cause further damage. Wet insulation and framing may also need treatment.


We not only protect items from further damage, but we create a more efficient environment for faster, more complete drying. Protecting your content may include moving items into another room, setting items up on block or moving them off-site.


Removing excess water minimizes damage and accelerates the drying time. Proper equipment to address all flooring layers, and extraction of each lay may occur at different times.

Evaluate Other Flooring

  • Tile
  • Vinyl
  • Laminate
  • Hardwood
  • Subfloor

Evaluate Walls, Ceiling and Cabinets

  • Understanding the Drying Process


ServiceMASTER is a highly reputable, licensed, insured and endorsed water damage restoration service provider. Our experienced and qualified technicians have completed advanced training in water mitigation, dehumidification systems, mold remediation and corrosion control. They also continue their education to learn about the latest techniques and equipment to better serve you in your time of need. It is our goal to restore your property as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The drying and restoration may require up to three phases before completion:


When ServiceMASTER by Zupancic arrives, a statement of authorization will need a signature before work can begin. Our trained technicians will begin by determining if your carpet is salvageable and if the carpet can dry in place. The next step is to extract as much water as possible. Then high-velocity air movers and dehumidifiers will be set up to dry the carpet and subfloor quickly. Our team also treats the carpet with a solution to prevent microbial growth. If the pad or carpet cannot dry in place, we will remove it to expedite the drying process. If we are unable to save the pad, our office will matched it and order it for the reinstallation. When the carpet is deemed unsalvageable, the technician may advise removing both the pad and the carpet.

For businesses we will need access to the property throughout the drying process in order to properly monitor the temperature, humidity and our equipment. Please work with our office to your preferred method so we can correctly monitor the drying process.


When we complete the reinstallation, we clean and deodorize the carpet. We also clean any upholstery or other damaged furnishings.


When the drying process is successfully completed, we assess structural damage and the repair phase can begin. This is when repair takes place on the drywall, ceilings and floors. It may be appropriate to complete structural repairs before reinstallation and cleaning.

Do you need help with water damage restoration? Contact ServiceMASTER today for more information or visit our FAQ page.