Crime Scene & Vandalism Restoration Services
in Canonsburg, PA & Surrounding Areas

Restoring Peace of Mind®

ServiceMASTER’s Reliable Crime Scene Cleanup Services

Investigations can be messy, and the crime scene investigators do not clean up after themselves. ServiceMASTER by Zupancic will cleanup the chemicals and substances leftover from an investigation. Our crime scene services range from suicide, homicide and accidental death cleanup to sanitation services and more. Whether it is human or animal waste, we will help you clean and sanitize your property. Call us at (724) 745-4980 or (412) 833-8111 for emergency clean up.

ServiceMASTER’s Crime Scene Cleanup Services Include:

Blood & Body Fluid Cleanup

Suicide & Homocide Cleanup

Accidental Death Cleanup

Advanced Odor Treatments


Bodily fluids, tissue and other human or animal substances left over from a crime or accident must not only be removed, but also disinfected and sanitized.

ServiceMASTER is Here to Help You in the Tough Times

Our team understands that these types of cleanups can be tough because of the emotions involved in the situation. ServiceMASTER is here to help you through these hard times and will treat you with the compassion you deserve. Our 24-hour emergency service ensures that you will get the help when you need it fast. Do you need help with the clean up of a crime scene? Contact ServiceMASTER for our reliable crime scene cleanup services today.

Reliable Vandalism Cleanup Services for the Canonsburg, PA, Area

ServiceMASTER by Zupancic will assist you in cleanup after the vandals strike. Whether it is your home, business, car or other property, we will help restore it back to its original state. From spray paint graffiti to any other related damage you can rely on our services to fix it. ServiceMASTER by Zupancic will help you get your home or property back and get back to your life.

Our Team is Here to Help When Vandals Strike in the Pittsburgh Area

The team at ServiceMASTER By Zupancic understands that vandalism is difficult to deal with and tough to cleanup after it happens. ServiceMASTER By Zupancic is here to help Pittsburgh area residents through the tough times when vandals strike. No matter what the situation is, our team will treat you will care and service you need. With our 24-hour emergency service you can trust that ServiceMASTER by Zupancic will respond whenever vandalism happens. Do you need assistance with vandalism cleanup? Contact ServiceMASTER by Zupancic for our reliable vandalism cleanup services today.